[NAMIKA] Accessory sales and art production as “NAMIKA BLAND” with the motif of Mizuhiki, a traditional Kanazawa craft.

水引art波華 代表 : 井波佳奈 プロフィール

I met Mizuhiki when I was looking for a kimono tie.

We have opened a classroom, and now we have an accredited instructor system.

Based on many years of experience with host families, I am good at communicating with foreigners.

In recent years, overseas expansion has been realized, and workshops are being held in various locations.

We are also focusing on the [Namika] brand and selling it at our online shop and Higashiyama.

Namika’s art world “アートな世界”

Art is one of the genres that Namika is good at. Create a work that maximizes the appeal of Mizuhiki, not just a mold.

I would also like to enjoy collaboration with different materials.