[NAMIKA] Accessory sales and art production as “NAMIKA BLAND” with the motif of Mizuhiki, a traditional Kanazawa craft.

水引art波華 Concept

Mizuhiki art Niwaka wants to provide a “fun time” for as many people as possible. I started with that feeling.

As a tool for that, there is Kanazawa's traditional craft, Mizuhiki.

Mizuhiki is treated as a knot or mascot because it is tied into a shape, and as it is pulled, there are many ways of knotting.

Mizuhiki, which has been used to decorate gifts, represents the heart of Japanese hospitality.

Hana also values the connection with people, and I want to be involved in the hospitality of those I meet.

I feel that such thoughts have met Mizuhiki.

We will continue to challenge various things and aim for activities that enrich the hearts of people around the world!